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The selection of Star Wars games is a bit smaller, but it's still out there. Here are 13 Star Wars games you can play on your Mac. If I've missed.
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Xbox One.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Buy Now. Choose your path! Read More Can you master the awesome power of the Force on your quest to save the Republic? Mac English French German Spanish. System Requirements Mac. OS macOS Glad to see that this thread is still limping along and I sincerely hope that release a Mac client soon. If they were truly serious about it, they would have targeted a Mac version for Christmas. I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online for about 3 weeks and Guild Wars 2 for just over a week using the Mac clients for each. They work great on my iMac and look fantastic.

After 3 different PCs dying in as many years, I'm done with them and I'm not going to install Bootcamp on my computer to play one game. Come on, Bioware! Make it happen!

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Star Wars Battlefront

This is not a Bootcamp thread. This is not a Mac Vs. PC thread. Jadele, Battlemaster, jedi sentinel lvl 65 Andrliel, The hidden jedi, jedi shadow lvl 65 Sazill, Master of Lightning, sith sorcerer lv 65 Sidiani, The Destroyer, sith warrior lv SilentWave Please develop a stable version for Mac OS Starting with a newer OS would simply frustrate those like me who use Trolling that I should update is pointless, because I'm asking for a UB version which would run on newer versions of the OS also.

However, I dislike the instability of the Windows operating systems, and I'd like to run this game -- in a more stable bit version -- on my bit Mac OS.

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Thanks for all the work this would entail; I know, it takes a long time and lots of tears during the debugging process. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You are about to leave this website Close Continue. My MacBook plays Flash content just fine News to me. It's a shame there isn't a no-cd crack available for this game. Finding cds is a bit tedious these days, not everybody sells them anymore. Never mind.


I wasn't doing it right - finally worked Thanks for your help! The archive file is incomplete".

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Now this was after dropping all three parts onto the app - maybe I'm doing it wrong. BetterZip just sits there. I assume you mean the GUI apps. What error messages did you get, if any? There: Corruption to files can occur at any time and for a number of reasons, to anyone downloading files. It is why I prefer to include checkums with all files I personally upload, so I can immediately determine where a problem lies - with the archived file or with the downloaded file.

However, I can attest to the viability of these particular part files hosted at maxzzz1's - otherwise I would not have included a detailed how-to, below Its quite easy if you use the Terminal in OS X to join these part files back to a single. Wait a few minutes for cat to finish the Terminal's full prompt returns when done then close the Terminal and double-click "swb.

The swb. Star Wars BattleFront works on power mac G4 1. But game has problem opening in mac os x With the Battlefront patch in game in mac os x It works no problems. To the best of our knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publishers.