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From Xuong Ly village or Hung Luong , you can take a boat or canoe for only 20 — 30 minutes, you will experience the feeling of flying on the waves. During the rough sea season, Hon Kho welcomes large waves with white foam that look like magic flowers. In calm sea season, Hon Kho attracts tourists with the smooth green grass and fresh water stream from the cliff.

Cu Lao Xanh is also known as Nhon Chau island commune — an invaluable gift that nature has given to the people of Quy Nhon, just over 20 km away city center. Tourists will be immersed in an endless space of blue sky and green island.

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At sunset, visitors will be able to see the picturesque scenery with the boats swaying on the waves, learn about the life of the fishermen in peaceful scenery. One day there are two trips: Boat ticket is 20, VND per person. Trung Luong Park has just been put into operation in early It will certainly make your journey to discover BinhDinh more attractive and interesting.

Because this area is still wild and quiet, so camping-style travel will be extremely smart choice for you to feel the most beauty here. Start from Doc Da slope also known as Mong Cam slope in Ghenh Rang tourist site, you walk along the winding stone road, watching the natural scenery here. Going up the slope to visit the grave of Han Mac Tu, you will see the poems written on the large rocks with green space and clear poplar forest campus. This tower was built in the late twelfth century, filled in Champa architecture, including two towers, the north tower is 20 m high and the south tower is 18 m high.

Experiencing many events of the time, the tower was devastated and damaged. In , the tower was invested and repaired according to the original shape and architecture. Today, the tower is an attractive tourist attraction of BinhDinh Province.

The fresh air and beautiful scenery here have been chosen by King Bao Dai as a vacation place since At the foot of Ghenh Rang, there is a unique beach with countless pebbles polished by the sea waves. From the hillside, you can see the entire east of Quy Nhon city as a watercolor painting. Ghenh Rang Tourist Area is located at No. This is a small island located in the southeast of Nhon Ly commune; about 5 km from the mainland, by boat or canoe will take about 20 — 30 minutes.

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Here, the beaches are round pebbles no sand formed by the erosion of cliffs, so water is deep with the coral reefs, suitable for exploring the sea floor, catching all kinds of snail, abalone or fishing. In Hon Seo there are many beautiful arches made by cliffs and cave. However, the anchorage of boats here is difficult due to the coral reefs and deep water, moving from boat to shore is quite hard. This is the longest bridge across the sea in Vietnam, located in the system of Nhon Hoi road, 7 km long connecting Quy Nhon city with Phuong Mai peninsula.

This great project was built in 4 years and completed in ThiNai Lagoon is also a destination for peaceful landscapes. It is 20 km far from the center of Quy Nhon city, right at Nhon Ly beach. Phuong Mai sand dunes in Nhon Ly commune is considered as an interesting tourist destination in the potential development period. The first feeling when setting feet on the peninsula Phuong Mai, tourists are attracted by the wild and charming beauty. Walking on the sandy hills m above sea level, visitors have a view over nature here.

At this altitude, visitors are happy for watching the sand dunes with curves stretching for miles, green poplar forest, wind from the sea blowing the cool air into face creating a feeling of comfort. Vietnamese thick noodle soup with fried fish cakes is quite famous in Quy Nhon, sold in many streets. The origin of the dish is the way to make thick noodle, fish cake and broth. Fried fish cake here is made entirely from fresh fish with spicy. Thick noodle is made of rice flour mixed with wheat flour, when cooking has a toughness and limpidity.

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Continue to Binh Dinh General Museum where preserve and display the historical and cultural objects of Binh Dinh through historical periods from the early centuries BC to now. Twin Towers, 2 ancient towers clusters as Angkor architecture, is built in the XII century of Quy Nhon City In the afternoon, drive to the Quy Hoa leprosy site where the poet Han Mac Tu lived and write in the leprosy years, and is also a place where end of his life.

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