How to remotely connect to my mac mini

Dec 7, Now that Apple has discontinued Back to my Mac, we look at the Another way to access another Mac is using Apple Remote Desktop.
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Install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension in Chrome on your Mac, open it from the new tab page, and go through its setup process.

  • macOS Sierra: Allow Remote Desktop to access your computer?
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You can also download the mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can also choose to set up the extension so you can connect remotely with a more permanent password. This is ideal for accessing your Mac over the Internet. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

Best ways to remotely access and control your Mac from any device and location

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macOS Sierra: Allow Remote Desktop to access your computer

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I have the following questions: Can I connect to Mac mini remotely from MacBook? Suggest the best way for this. What about the performance compared to direct and remote connections as it is vital for virtual machine communication. CajunLuke Madhu Kidambi Madhu Kidambi 6 1 1 2. You do say something confusing your question though: Ian C. What sort of virtualization software do you intend to achieve this "logical system" with though?

Ingmar Hupp Ingmar Hupp 3, 3 17 Just enable the screen sharing on both systems and then start screen sharing by using one of vnc: King Linux King Linux 5. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

How to Remotely Control Your iMac with Your Anywhere In the World!

This part of a compendium. Check out the other parts at: If you are copying a large number of files that don't reside in one folder, or if you'd like to easily cherry pick files from one computer to put on another then this is clearly the best way. File sharing either allows you to see the 'public' folders that the remotehost user chooses for file sharing, or it also allows you to see and write to all the remote users stuff if you have the login and password for that user.

Unfortunately, this only really works if you're on the same network. First you need to setup the 'remote host' for file sharing. Click on File Sharing to activate it.

If you want to add any public folders, which are available to other users go ahead and do that. Otherwise, if you just want your folders available to the people who know the login information for the remote user, then you can leave that part blank. Click on options brings up a dialog for choosing the sharing protocol type.


If you want to share files with windows users click on SMB, but again they'll need login information unless you make some folders 'public'. If you don't see it in the finder window, click "all" in the lefthand column. This should bring up a list of computers that are sharing files. Click on your desired remotehost. It will, by default try to connect as a guest, if you don't have that enabled or you need more access, you can click "connect as" in order to login as a user on that computer. This means you need the login information for the user whose files you are trying to access.

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Screen sharing is a simple included utility with macs that allows you to view and control another mac as if you were using it. You can't really move files using it, though.

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So if you need to run that computer as if you were physically connected to it, then this is the preferred method. You can basically do anything that one could normally do if they had a keyboard and monitor hooked up to that computer.

Mac to Mac Remote Desktop Connection

This time click on "Remote Management" to enable this feature. Then click the plus sign to add in the ones you actually want access for. You can manage each others permissions seperately so that you can't do crazy things while plugged in from half way across the world - probably a good idea.

You should typically leave the privileges for all users blank. This way, only people with the correct login information for the user can do things there. Using screen sharing is easy on a local network. Then in the dialog, type "vnc: See the instructable about setting up your mac mini.

This is another reason why it is helpful to give this computer a dedicated address on your local network.