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Hold together Option + Command + esc and then relaunch "Finder" that will solve your problem instantly. If the problem persists, please try reinstall Mac OS X by.
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They will be listed in the "Devices" section of your Finder window sidebar. The listing you see in the Sidebar section of Finder Preferences reflects what you see in the sidebar of any Finder window you open. You will also see this in File-Open and File-Save panels. Notice, too, that you can have your Mac appear listed under "Devices" in the Finder sidebar.

That's right, your Mac is considered a "Device.

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This gives you direct access to the root top level of your your internal drive, any additional attached drives, USB flash drives, iPods, optical discs as well as access to any networked storage devices and servers. Finally, you can re-arrange the order of the items in the "Favorites" called "Places" on older systems and "Devices" sections of the sidebar, but you don't do this in Finder Preferences.

You need to do this while you have a Finder window open. Simply drag the items up and down to your liking within those sections of the sidebar. Any changes you make to how everything is listed, what's hidden, and what's showing will be reflected in any other Finder window you open from that point on. Did you know that you can customize the Finder window sidebar to include your own folders and files? Yes, you can manually add any folder or file you want into the "Favorites" section at the top of the Finder window sidebar.

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In older versions of OS X, this section is called "Places. Adding a folder is straightforward. Simply drag it to the sidebar, placing it where desired. Placing a file in the sidebar is done a bit differently in Lion and Mountain Lion; you need to hold down the Command key while dragging and placing. The action of adding files and folders to the sidebar actually creates what amounts to an Alias of your item, but the real one remains in its original location. All I have been able to do is reset the Finder prefs, setting again the selection of which files show up in the sidebar. Then I have to go through my various drives and folders to drag the selected folders back to the sidebar again, and again.

This is getting wearysome.

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Somewhere in the code Mtn Lion is corrupting or rewriting the preferences file in the libraries, I think. Dec 28, AM in response to macjack In response to macjack. Dec 28, AM. Question: Q: Mt. Lion Finder sidebar Favorites disappear More Less. Communities Contact Support.

Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: thearborist thearborist. Question: Q: Question: Q: Mt. Lion Finder sidebar Favorites disappear Several times recently the Finder sidebar Favorites have disappeared. My guess is a preferences file corruption problem. How do I fix this? More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: macjack macjack. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0.

Master Your Files in OS X Mountain Lion

Answer: A: Answer: A: Good advice from drdocument on the prefs. If that doesn't completely fix it try this Drag all icons off bottom of your Finder sidebar. Figure 4. Your Home folder in the Finder.

15 Tweaks to Make When Moving to Lion or Mountain Lion

You can also click your account name in the sidebar of any Finder window. While the Desktop, Documents, Movies, Music, and Pictures folders can hold any type of file, a few of the other folders have specific uses. Downloads is a convenient catch-all location for files downloaded from the Internet or transferred using AirDrop see Chapter 8. Sites is designed for building and sharing Web sites.

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The Arrangement button in the toolbar of every Finder window enables you to arrange the files by criteria such as date modified or size, or to group by application. Longtime OS X users may notice something missing in Figure 4.