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TrueType fonts are Apple's preferred type of font for Mac OS X. Most or better off avoiding PostScript fonts and sticking with TrueType ones.
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When you install fonts, active apps won't be able to see the new font resources until they're restarted. By closing all open apps, you're assured that any app you launch after installing a font will be able to use the new font. Installing fonts on your Mac is a simple drag-and-drop process.

Mac and Windows PC Fonts

There are several places to install fonts; the location to choose depends on whether or not you want other users of your computer if any or other individuals on your network if applicable to be able to use the fonts. Be sure to replace yourusername with your home folder's name. You may also notice that your personal Library folder isn't present. Once you have the Library folder visible, you can drag any new fonts to the Fonts folder within your Library folder.

Once inside the Library folder, drag your new fonts to the Fonts folder.

You'll need to supply an administrator password in order to make changes to the Fonts folder. Font Book is an application that comes with the Mac and simplifies the process of managing fonts, including installing, uninstalling, viewing, and organizing them. One advantage of using Font Book to install a font is that it will validate a font before installing it. This lets you know if there are any problems with the file, or if there will be any conflicts with other fonts. Many applications display previews of fonts in their Font menu.

The preview is limited to the font's name, so you don't get to see all the available letters and numbers. You can also use Font Book to preview a font. Launch Font Book, and then click the target font to select it.

Related Font Styles

The default preview displays a font's letters and numbers or its images, if it's a dingbat font. You can use the slider on the right side of the window to reduce or enlarge the display size. If you want to view the special characters available in a font, click the Preview menu and select Repertoire.

If you would like to use a custom phrase or group of characters each time you preview a font, click the Preview menu and select Custom , then type the characters or phrase in the display window. You can switch between Preview, Repertoire, and Custom views at will. Uninstalling fonts is as easy as installing them. I just switched over to Leopard from Any ideas?

Can I dump a LOT of fonts somewhere, from where they will be activated by, say, Illustrator when it requires one of them, without this overloading the system? Adobe apps have their own font folder — which you can use to auto-load a font only when that particular app is open.

Obviously once you get a few fonts, load time will slow and moving fonts out of the auto-loading folder and using a font manager would be a good idea. Hi, I want to download new fonts from online in addition to the fonts I already have on my new macbook pro, but I cannot figure out how. I dragged them into the font folder, but none of them show up in microsoft word. Thanks, Eddie. OS X Changing the font size is easy enough, but I cannot find anything about changing the actual font.

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The main problem I have is my Dashboard application uses a white outline-based font that is almost impossible to read. I cannot find anything about how to alter the default font to something more readable. I wonder if anyone has seen this? We are in the midst of upgrading the workstations to Most of them have gone fine. But on one machine, Font Book shows no Network in the Colections area. Can anyone help me? Is there a setting where they can be permanently viewed in the font as connected to its title? Fonts on MacBook using Leopard are not displayed in Font name.

They were on old system. What can I do to see them in their actual display? Did you mean. There is an AppleGothic. There is also an Apple LiGothic Medium. My fonts will not remain active for some reason, within my suitcase. I have them set to permanent, and the still go inactive when I shut down and start back up.

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Anyone experiencing this? Regarding school fonts: I assume you mean the fonts that look as if they are handwritten italic script fonts, they way we all learn to write at school? The main limitations are the patience of the user while scrolling through an endless list of fonts or while waiting for the system to have digested that information itself.

No additional tool such as Adobe Type Manager is needed to visualize fonts. OS X has its own versatile font renderer. Fonts are managed on three levels: system, network and user. Nested font folders are supported, making it easier to classify fonts.

Access the fonts you use most

What is new in Leopard? The most interesting ones for prepress users include: You can print out comprehensive previews of your fonts in Font Book. Using Quick Look you can easily preview fonts from the Finder. System font protection is a mechanism that makes it impossible to delete essential system fonts. In a prepress environment this can be a hassle as people routinely replace frequently used fonts such as Helvetica by their own or a customers version.

You can find a somewhat tricky work-around in this thread on forums. Another related interesting read is this one. The main advantage of having these fonts is that they get used a lot in Microsoft Office documents. Cross platform compatibility just got a little easier. Font Auto-Activation automatically activates fonts as you need them.

The OS-level text layout and typography system got a major overhaul, resulting in better typography for applications that rely on the OS for this. The support for some advanced OpenType features such as contextual alternates or mark attachment has also been improved. Font search order When a certain font is needed, the computer will search for that font in a certain order: Some applications such as Adobe InDesign have their own font management routines and their own font folder. When such an application needs a font, it will always first search its own font folder.

Fonts that should never be deleted in Leopard AppleGothic. Other sources of information The Take control book about Leopard font management can be an interesting read. Jack says:. January 14, at am.

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